meet your new life coach.

Off THA Couch is a mindset. Plain and simple. The three words speak for themselves. If you possess this mindset, you have a keen sense of opportunity cost. You are always looking for the opportunity to further the life you’re passionate about. You’ll strive to search for new experiences, learn new skills, meet new people, go new places, and maybe even live in a new place.

This mindset is what will make you create a more passionate and engaging lifestyle for yourself. It affects how we interact with our friends, family, and strangers. You’ll engage with everyone around you, wherever you go, just because you’ll want to see just how unique and interesting other people are. Community brings people together. When people can relate to each other regardless of ethnicity or how different they are from you, well that’s “the money in the bag” – Seble Abebe. It will make you more open to try new things you would usually stray away from. You’ll be more likely to say “YES” to new things because you believe in the saying, “You never know until you try”. You’ll strive to see your biggest goals through to the end and you’ll make them realistic and completely achievable. You’ll be more aware about opportunities to learn a new skill because skills are your tools to develop your passion. It will help you to rid your life of distractions; you know, the naysayers who always shoot down your dreams when you tell them who you’re going to be one day. It will teach you that although it’s often overlooked, your health is the most important attribute. Because what is a life full of happiness, freedom, passion, and success if you won’t live to see your 25th birthday? “Say NO to drugs!”

You might ask, What’s the most important thing about having the Off THA Couch mindset?” Contribution. Ask yourself, “WHY do I do what I do?” You don’t follow your dreams so you can bask in your own spotlight forever. You do it to contribute something to society, whether it’s creating life-changing technological advancements or just donating soccer balls to kids in Africa to give them hope. Off THA Couch is more than a lifestyle, it’s a sense of pure awesomeness that will drive you to excel at anything the moment you fabricate the idea in your head.

Join us. The ride will be challenging but prosperous. But it’s something you’ll regret later if you don’t. Get Off THA Couch